Curating Using Tweetdeck



Above is a screenshot photo of my first experience using TweetDeck.  I curated four columns: two “search” columns and two “lists” columns.  The two topics from class that I chose for the purpose of this blog were “Internet Privacy” and “The Cloud”.  For each of these two topics I curated a “lists” column – that is, a column in which you can isolate which users’ tweets will show up.  Then, for each topic, I curated a “search” column.  Search columns allow you to isolate a certain hashtag.  

I found both of these TweetDeck resources to be very helpful and useful, and way different than using a standard search engine.  They allow you to isolate whatever you want, to see only the information you want to see.  I know that when a tweet pops up in my search column of “#cloudcomputing” that tweet is most likely going to be relevant and contain information or opinion about cloud computing. Not only this, but all of the tweets that appear in that column are going to be new and contain new material.  When I search on Google for “cloud computing” all Google shows me are a bunch of older articles about what cloud computing is, the wikipedia article, and a small “news” section. The search column allows me to access newer information at real time. 

If you are interested in a subject and looking for more information on it but can’t seem to find any, I suggest using TweetDeck and its resources to help you along your way.





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